Zitan is a sophisticated, contemporary expression of Chinese culture. Zitan hotels exude a polished elegance, enveloping guests in a world where exquisite taste meets modern luxuries inspired by the intellectual and artistic achievements of generations.

Conceptualised with the expectations of the cultural sophisticate in mind, Zitan hotels are a triumph of leading edge design and artistic flair. From the artworks in the public spaces to the furnishings in the guestrooms, every Zitan hotel tells its own story, with creative input from Chinese artists and designers.

Chinese heritage is also celebrated at the restaurants of Zitan hotels. The culinary style is light, modern and imaginative, with chefs handcrafting gastronomic delights using the best of traditional techniques and authentic local ingredients.

And the service ethos at Zitan hotels takes its cue from the tenets of Chinese hospitality. It is a holistic approach we call our guanjia service. Carefully calibrated to be gracious and thoughtful, it is an elevated level of hospitality that anticipates needs and exceeds expectations.